Sunday, November 02, 2008

Backup of Blog Topics

As usual, I am behind. Not on thoughts, but on recording them. I don't know how some people keep their blogs updated, but I'm going to try here to do a "topic dump" once again so perhaps I can address each in the coming weeks, once the election is over, and now that the rains have set in (hence the fresly washed garden shown here to the right...)
I. On Growing Children II
1. School budgets and the future of the world as we know it: How lack of funding for education is dooming the future of our society, and why it may be related to predjudices against what is percieved as women and women's work.
2. Why it is that closing the acheivement gap has nothing to do with our schools, but is current efforts to do so are sucking our schools dry of desperately needed resources.
II. Vertical gardening, is it feasible, is it plausible, and can you grow food this way?
III. How a shrinking world population could be the best thing that ever happened to a little town in Germany.
IV. Why blogging may be the next best thing to having your own personal cultural attache
V. Plastic, which are dangerous, and which are okay, so I can remember
VI: Oliver Sachs and the religion of nature and how the study and knowledge of science can give life context and meaning
VII. Does having a 5-year plan destroy any hope of being present in the here and now?

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