Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Fixing a mistake

IMG_2660, originally uploaded by kath66.

As mentioned in the last entry, here is the Brugmansia. It is about to bloom, though it looks pretty naked here in the corner. The Phormium 'Guardsman' is suffering as it had been planted too low. I've realized that planting the root ball slightly above the ground level seems to work best and prevent the base of the plant from getting rot. Just a hypothoses, but it worked well with the P. 'jester' in the center bed. I've underplanted the brug with a 'sooty' dianthus. I've had it in a pot for two years being neglected and root-bound, and saw it on another blog and remembered how much I like it. Funny how sometimes you have to be reminded of what you have. I had just bought a bluish echevira for the spot, but it clashed terribly, and had to be tucked into a corner a bed away with some heleborus and Lotus.

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