Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Euphoric for Euphorbia

Spring always arrives earlier than expected here in N. California, and being the Jersey girl that I am I can never quite get used to it, especially when it comes with 80 degree days. The Euphorbia are the first to truly explode in my garden, though this year having given the lonicera a hard pruning, it is coming back happier than ever.

The E. Myrsinites (?) in the front planter is amazing this year. However, in researching it, I just read some very disturbing reports of bad behavior by this plant in Colorado, where it is running wild in the arid hills, as well as making all sorts of people sick with it's toxic sap. I think I'll just keep it tucked in here where I can control it and enjoy it.

The other Euphorbias I have are sprinkled around the back garden and all are happy. I first planted a few in a sunny spot beneath a blood orange, both of which have died, for unknown reasons, perhaps too much water or too much sun. Otherwise I find the genus really hardy and amazingly diverse. It also grows at just the right rate, not too fast, like the abutilons, but slow enough to impress when they do finally put on some bulk and show off their blooms.

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