Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cold, Cold June

Our terribly cold spring has finally warmed up, but the results are long, slow blooms and miserable tomatoes, eggplant and cucumbers. The northern wall might someday recover, or be tranformed into a vertical garden.

The fortnight flowers have finally succumbed, and after three weeks of wrestling the corms out of the ground, they are no longer a part of the garden. In their place I have just transplanted six previously failed-to-bloom cana lily rhizomes as well as a wind-blown tomato from the upstairs deck. Sun may still be an issue, but hopefully we will see some blooms against the white-washed wall by the end of summer.

The white cherry tomato is blooming, but won't set fruit. Lissa and Hiro are having the same problem. They think it is the lack of bees.

Aeoneum are taking over both the front planter, and the rear garden--so easy to grow, it might be time to stop transplanting broken-off limbs...

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